What is The Knights Of Nature Junior Camp?

Knights Of Nature Junior Camp

The Knights of Nature Junior camp is designed for pupils between the ages of 10 and 12.

In this customised camp, CIMB Foundation is working with EcoKnights to provide educational exposure to PINTAR schools’ teachers and pupils about the impacts of plastic, plastic pollution and recycling.

The overall goal of the Junior Camp is to educate and excite pupils and teachers to get involved by being part of the solution to our ever-growing plastic pollution problem and the need to recycle with customised resources and teaching guides.

This programme’s participants will be trained and exposed to experiential learning which will be shared and later continued in class. This Teacher’s Guide is intended to provide teachers and pupils with an overview of the entire Plastic and Recycling Awareness Week, as well as detailed lesson plans for each of the 3 days in the programme. After the pupils undergo the 3-day programme, they are challenged to implement what they have learnt in school in a month, document what they have done, and document the effort in a YouTube video or Blogspot where elected judges will judge their school efforts and reward the top three most creative and innovative schools that created the best environmental awareness programmes on plastic and recycling.